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GPS Timing Receiver Serves WiMax Applications

The TiMax Wi125 is a small, surface-mounted GPS module specifically designed for use in synchronization and timing in WiMax applications. The module has an on-board programmable NCO oscillator that outputs a synthesized frequency up to 30 MHz that is steered by a GPS receiver. The self-survey mode of operation allows the receiver to enter a position-hold mode, allowing accurate timing to be continued with only one satellite being tracked. Additionally, the TiMax Wi125 has phase alignment of 1 PPS/10 MHz with a very stable holdover. The 1 PPS/10 MHz outputs maintain phase alignment with holdover being based only on the local oscillator, dismissing spurious GPS measurements during reacquisition. When the receiver regains GPS lock after a period of holdover, the 1-PPS and 10-MHz outputs maintain phase alignment and are offset in frequency at the maximum rate of 100 ppb until the 1 PPS aligns with that of the GPS solution. This slow recovery from holdover allows for uninterrupted operation of the WiMax base station. The module comes in an exceptionally small surface-mount package with a highly integrated architecture that requires a minimum of external components allowing easy integration into host systems. Pricing is $40 each in volume quantities. CONNOR-WINFIELD CORP., Aurora, IL. (630) 851-4722



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