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Graphical-User-Interface Module Eases Integration

For embedded mobile system developers, creating user interfaces usually takes time and energy that would have been better spent on areas like product differentiation. Amulet Technologies hopes to simplify this step with its new compact display module. This module supports a production-ready graphical user interface (GUI) for a wide range of handheld devices and embedded electronic systems with small form factors.

With the new 3.8-in. GUI module, developers should find it easier to create attractive, intuitive user interfaces for handheld devices. Compared to competing solutions, the company says that this module reduces software-development time by as much as 95%. The module also allows rich content. From that content, control screens can be easily developed. Such content can then support enhanced interaction between the user and the application using the Graphical Operating System in Silicon and widely available Web-authoring tools.

Compared to the company's previous 3.8-in. display line, this display's controller board is 25% smaller. This smaller size should enable trouble-free integration into small handheld systems for a wide range of consumer and industrial electronic products. The new module also is equipped with more memory to allow greater GUI page storage. In addition, it features a richer display and a more robust touchpanel. To extend the module's versatility to either outdoor or night-time conditions, the display is available in either a transflective or transmissive option.

Amulet's 3.8-in. display modules are available now in sample quantities. Pricing for production volumes is $135 per module in quantities of 10,000 units.

Amulet Technologies
275 Saratoga Ave., Suite 230, Santa Clara, CA 95050; (408) 244-0363, FAX: (408) 243-5457, www.amulettechnologies.com.

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