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Graphics Board Fortifies Supercomputing Apps In Harsh Environments

Graphics Board Fortifies Supercomputing Apps In Harsh Environments

Groomed for compute-intensive chores in harsh locales, the OpenVPX-compatible GRA111 graphics board is reportedly among the first commercially-available products to feature NVIDIA’s GT 240 GPU. The board is the first member of the company’s emerging CUDA-enabled products, CUDA being a general purpose parallel computing architecture that takes advantage of the parallel compute engine in NVIDIA GPUs. It includes the CUDA instruction set architecture and the parallel compute engine of the GPU. The 3U format GRA111 features 96 processor cores, a 128-bit memory interface, 1 GB of DDR3 video memory, 16-lane PCI Express Gen 2 interface, 540 MHz graphics clock, and the 1,302 MHz processor clock of the NVIDIA GT 240 GPU. For more details and price, call GE FANUC INTELLIGENT PLATFORMS, Charlottesville, VA. (434) 978-5000.

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