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Graphics Controllers Configure FPGAs

A pair of mezzanine cards enables embedded system designers to configure application-specific capabilities in an FPGA for systems based either on the Intel or Power PC architectures. The P18 PC·MIP (Intel) and P518 PMC (Power PC) cards offer the same graphics functionality in an on-board Altera Cyclone FPGA. Both contain 16 MB of frame buffer connected to the FPGA via a 133-MHz, 16- or 18-Bit data bus. Analog and DVI digital video outputs are provided as well as an LVDS interface on the rear for TFT displays. A complete graphics controller is pre-loaded into the FPGA. The on-board FPGAs act as 32-bit targets for either 33- or 66-MHz PCI busses. The graphics clock is supplied by a 48-MHz oscillator. Each card consumes less than 1W of power. They operate over the temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. Pricing in single quantities for either card is $474. MEN MICRO INC., Dallas, TX. (512) 267-8883.


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