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Graphics Engine Targets 2D And 3D Display Applications

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The Artegra-1M VMEbus graphics engine is claimed as the world's highest-performance board of its kind for two- and three-dimensional display applications. It's capable of rendering 1 million textured polygons/second and of drawing 83 million pixels/second. Targeted at applications that require a high-performance graphics processing engine with powerful, flexible display functionality, the board accepts high-level graphics commands and performs the intensive processing required to transform these commands into complex 2D and 3D images.Graphics performance is achieved through use of hardware acceleration based on a 90-MHz processing core and a 230-MHz RAMDAC. Available as a COTS 6U single-slot VMEbus card, the board is suited to a wide range of mission-critical embedded applications such as command and control, avionics and vetronics.

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