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Graphics Processor Socket Touts High Pin Count

The company has introduced a high pin-count version--over 1,400-balls--of its PinBall Socket product. Designed for high-end graphics processors, it features a customized heat sink. The socket can be soldered directly to the existing footprint of a PC board, further increasing packaging density. An aluminum heat sink provides effective thermal dissipation of excess heat generated by the high performance graphics processors. This BGA/LGA socket provides 2 mm of clearance for end components and can be used for 0.80 mm, 1.00 mm and 1.27 mm pitch packages up to 50 mm, in any footprint configuration and on any size board. The socket incorporates the company’s spring probe technology, which delivers a spring force of 17g at .025” deflection. The spring is a BeCu alloy, and the pins are gold-plated brass alloy. The socket insulator is Torlon or PEEK with stainless steel hardware. The socket can be furnished with either a two- or four-bolt hold-down. Pricing is $1,500 and delivery is four weeks ARO. ARIES ELECTRONICS INC., Frenchtown, NJ. (908) 996-6841.


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