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GUI Can Be Customized To Fit Needs Of Color And Mono Displays

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The CDS-1375 graphical user interface (GUI) features an intelligent controller and an extensive command set, allowing designers to quickly create a GUI for 320 x 240, color and monochrome LCDs. Complex screens can be drawn employing the RS-232 interface by using the on-board processor’s graphic primitive and font commands. An optional RS-485 interface is available for applications in noisy environments. Other features of the CDS-1375 GUI include an optional eight-wire touch-screen controller, matching backlight inverter, all display voltages, and all mating connectors for direct mounting to the display. The GUI is available as a kit with a choice of several 5.7'' screens, with sample kits priced at $350 (color) and $250 (monochrome). For more information, contact APOLLO DISPLAY TECHNOLOGIES LLC, Holtsville, NY. (631) 654-1143.

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