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Half-Size CPU Card Ogles Networked Applications

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Targeting high-performance networked applications, the PIA-673 half-size single board computer (SBC) supports AMD's K6-3 CPUs up to 550 MHz. The board incorporates features such as an AGP and SVGA support with 8 MB of video memory, optional flat-panel support, 10/100-Mb/s fast Ethernet, and 66-MB/s Ultra DMA IDE.
The compact board is said to be well suited for networked embedded applications that need CRT or LCD support, such as set-top boxes, web-browser kiosks, embedded PC controls, networked computers or embedded routers, and PBX switches. Other features of the SBC include a SiS 530 chipset, a 100-MHz front side bus, and an optional C&T 69000 HiQVideo accelerator using 2 MB of on-die SDRAM.
Compatible operating systems include MS-DOS, Linux, Windows 98/NT/2000, OS/2 Warp, QNX, SCO, UNIX, and Novell.

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