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Half-Size SBC Flies On Pentium's Wings

product pic

Support for Pentium MMX technology and a 450-MHz AMD K6-2/3D processor on a 100-MHz system bus is provided by the 2117, a half-size PCI/ISA industrial single-board computer. The unit includes on-board LCD/CRT controller, 10/100BaseT networking, Ultra Fast and Wide SCSI interfaces, and a 144-Mbyte flash disk.There will be two available models: one with an ISA bus only, and one with PCI/ISA or PISA bus. The unit supports SDRAM ECC memory on a 168-pin DIMM socket and occupies only one slot. ECC memory can reduce soft failures, it's claimed. An on-board LVDS interface is capable of driving a 36-bit, high-resolution flat panel display at distances of up to 20 feet.

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