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Half-Size SBC Supports VGA/LCD, Includes Smartview Bios

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Measuring only 7.2" (L) x 4.8" (W), the SBC8252V single-board computer (SBC) supports CRT/LCD displays via an on-board C&T 69000 graphics controller and provides a proprietary Smartview BIOS. The BIOS facilitates LCD setup by providing 16 different VGA settings in CMOS.The Socket 370 board features an ISA interface and a 100-MHz Front Side Bus. It supports Intel P54C/P55C CPUs running at speeds of up to 233 MHz and offers up to 128 MB of FPM/EDO RAM. Other on-board features include an Aladdin V Core Logic chipset, Award PnP BIOS in a single flash ROM, 2 MB of flash ROM, a 512-KB synchronous L2 cache, and support for up to 144 MB of DiskOnChip.I/O features include a keyboard and PS/2 mouse port and two serial, two parallel, and two USB ports.

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