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Half-Size XT SBC Fits Passive Backplane Apps

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Measuring just 7.08" x 4.2", the INX-386SX single-board computer is an IBM PC/AT plug-in processor board designed to be used in passive backplane applications. Among its many features are an optional 32-Mbyte PROMDISK-Chip Disk Emulator, a watchdog timer and a 1-kbit E2Key memory for storing user data. The multi-I/O controller includes dual 16C550 UARTs, a floppy port, and an SPP/EPP/ECP multi-mode bi-directional parallel port. The board operates on a single 5V supply and has an external power connector that allows direct connection to an external power supply, making it suitable for stand-alone applications. The board is built for extreme industrial environments and has an operating temperature range of 0°C to 60°C.

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