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Half-Sized CPU Sports Motherboard Features

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Fitting into a 7.3" x 4.8" footprint, the SBS-656 CPU card features a built-in VGA/LCD controller with 2 MB of SDRAM, a 100 Base-TX Ethernet interface that's backward compatible with 10 MB/s networks, and support for up to 144 MB of DiskOnChip memory. The on-board Chips & Technology 69000 LCD controller supports 36-bit TFT displays. An Intel Socket 370 architecture supports Celeron processors at speeds from 333 to 433 MHz, 66 or 100 MHz front side bus, and a 440 BX chipset. Up to 256 MB of RAM is supported via a single 168-pin DIMM socket. I/O features include RS-232 and RS-232/422/485 ports, a PC/104 connector, and an enhanced IDE controller with PIO Modes 3 and 4 bus mastering. Prices for the SBC-656 without CPU, RAM, and DiskOnChip start at about $450.

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