Electronic Design

Hall Effect Precision Sensors Add 4- To 20-mA Output Option

Now available for the H009 Hall effect position sensors is a 4- to 20-mA output option. The H009 components are 0.875-inch in diameter with a 0.75-inch maximum length. They have a 12-bit resolution with a rotational life of over 100 million revolutions and feature an absolute linearity of ±0.1% at room ambient and ±0.3% at -40° to +125°C. They are available with several options including lead wires, lead lengths, and terminations, HR370 High TG printed circuit boards, and JST and Molex terminals. Special shaft, flange mounting, and gear mounting frame configurations are also available. API Technologies Corp., Grass Valley, CA. (530) 273-4608.

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