Electronic Design

Hard-Disk-Based SCSI Storage System Comes On 6U Plug-In Card

The SC6H is a high-capacity hard-disk storage subsystem available on a single-slot, 6U CompactPCI plug-in card. This card provides direct attached storage for real-time applications. It integrates an SCSI controller with boot BIOS ROM and up to 120 Gbytes of hard-disk storage on a single card. It can be configured either through the CompactPCI bus using the onboard SCSI controller or through the system SCSI host via J5 as an ultra-wide LVD or SE SCSI peripheral. OEM pricing for an 80-Gbyte system is $1200 with a lead time of stock to eight weeks.

Adtron Corp.
www.adtron.com; (602) 735-0300

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