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Hard Metric Connectors Available With Compliant Press-Fit Terminations

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The PCN21 Series is a 2-mm Hard Metric connector system that complies with the requirements of IEC 16076-4-101. Type A, with 110 contacts, Type B, with 125 contacts and Type C, with 55 contacts, are available with compliant press fit terminations on plugs and receptacles. The receptacle contact design utilizes a double contact point to assure high reliability, whether the project is for transmission systems, base stations, industrial computer boards, measuring instruments, control equipment or other devices. Ground connection is assured by using metal covers and separate ground terminals and can be polarized and color-coded as required in CompactPCI applications. Pricing is based on quantities, supplied in mated pairs and by type beginning at $4.00 each for Type C, non-shielded devices.

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