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Hardware And Software Development Kit Targets STD Bus Systems

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Aiming to make both software and hardware development convenient and reliable for STD Bus systems, the SDK2-STD-CC15 developer's kit supports the company's latest 386SX, 586DX and Pentium processor boards, as well as existing CPUs and I/O modules. The development kit provides a 15-slot, 0.625" pitch card-cage packaged with disk drives, cables, and software to ease and speed program development. The backplane is designed to provide a constant characteristic impedance so as to reduce noise and crosstalk in support of the high-performance CPUs. An 80W switching power supply accepts input voltages from 85 to 264 Vac and provides output voltages of +5V at 12A, +12V at 3A, and ±12V at 0.5A.The power supply, CD-ROM, floppy disk drive, and a 6.4-GB hard disk drive are housed in a low-profile, black anodized enclosure. Price for the system development kit is $1,295. WINSYSTEMS, Arlington, TX. (817)-274-7553.

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