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Hardware/Software Development Kit Targets Real-Time Systems

In the ELAN-104 hardware and software development kit, designers will find everything they need to enable rapid development of QNX applications for the firm’s single-board computers. The kit includes the QNX real-time operating system, Photon MicroGUI and Voyager Web browser pre-loaded into an on-board, flash-based drive that resides on Arcom’s ELAN-104 SBC. Also supplied is a PS/2 mouse, a +5V supply and cables for interfacing the SBC to a VGA CRT display, standard 102-key keyboard, serial ports, and IDE and floppy disk drives. The kit comes in a rugged polycarbonate transit case.The Photon microGUI is a full-featured windowing system with an extremely small memory footprint. Voyager is a small, customizable Web browser for embedded applications. Together, Photon and Voyager enable developers to create a browser with a unique look and feel- typically in a matter of days. The ELAN-104 SBC is based on AMD’s 100-MHz ELAN SC400 486SX CPU.

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