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Harsh Terrain No Threat To PIII VME SBC

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Designed and optimized for tough environments, the SVME/DMV-193 COTS VME, single-board computer (SBC) is said to be ideal for airborne, land-mobile and naval command and control applications. It takes advantage of COTS software, including Windows NT/2000 and other PC/AT compatible applications. These standard operating systems are said to be further enhanced by the company's board support packages and software libraries, enabling the full functionality of the 193's embedded features to be used. The board includes 512 KB of level 2 cache; up to 256 MB of SDRAM; 2 MB of flash EPROM; an Ethernet interface; dual PCI mezzanine-card (PMC) interface; Fast SCSI-2 interface; ultra IDE; two USB ports; four serial interfaces; and a VME64 interface. Up to 80 MB of disk-on-chip is also available. Pricing starts at $8,750.

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