“Haswell” Processor Pushes 6U VME SBC Into HPEC Apps

“Haswell” Processor Pushes 6U VME SBC Into HPEC Apps

By basing its XVR16 6U VME single-board computer (SBC) on Intel’s quad-core, fourth-generation Core i7 architecture (“Haswell”), GE says the board can be deployed in more demanding high-performance embedded computing (HPEC) signal-processing applications (e.g., ISR, sonar, and radar). The XVR16 continuously provides a frequent, straightforward upgrade/technology insertion path to maximize cost-effectiveness. It offers more processing power, graphics performance, functionality, and I/O capability over its XVR14 and XVR15 predecessors. And it does so within the same power envelope, enabling simple drop-in replacement. The SBC contains up to 16 Gbytes of memory, and supports two onboard PMC/XMC expansion sites. The i7 architecture includes Intel Advance Vector Extensions enhancements to improve floating-point-intensive computations. Media and graphics performance gets a boost, too, along with security in the form of Intel AED New Instructions enhancements that accelerate data encryption and decryption. Five build versions of the board are available, from air-cooled to fully rugged.


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