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HDTV Chipset Minimizes Equipment Design Time

A high level of functional integration allows this HDTV chipset to minimize design time and board space. It's suitable for applications such as upconverters, downconverters, routers, switches and telecine equipment. The product line for video transmission systems consists of a serializer, deserializer, cable equalizer and a retimer. The GD14515 serializer integrates a 20:1 serializer with an on-chip multiplying PLL, scrambler, dual cable driver and NRZI encoder. It features a wide-tuning-range VCO and offers a 360-Mbit/s transmission option. The GD14516A deserializer offers a fully integrated solution for clock recovery and data retiming, integrating a 1:20 deserializer with descrambling, NRZI decoding and frame detector for SAV/EAV. The GD14510 cable equalizer offers a 1485-Mbit/s adaptive cable equalizer while the GD14526 retimer performs clock and data retiming.

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