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HDTV Video Filters Replace Dozens Of Discretes

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ML6426 output reconstruction filters are said to replace dozens of discrete components formerly needed to clean up video data after conversion to analog for playback on TVs. High integration in the devices lowers cost, reduces board space, and improves system reliability for HDTVs, set-top boxes, DVDs, video cards for PCs, industrial images, etc. The family consists of six devices, each optimized for one of the many HDTV transmission formats. Each device contains a dc restore circuit, three 4th order low-pass filters, and three 6 dB, 75 ohm video amplifiers for RGB and YUV video outputs. The high bandwidth ML6426-6 offers a cutoff frequency of 48 MHz for the highest performance HDTV format using 1080 vertical lines, 1920 pixels per line, and 162-MHz clock rate or 74-MHz sample rate.

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