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Heatsinks Have Eight-Segment Fingers

New thermal-link and fan-top heatsinks are said to offer excellent retention due to their six- to eight-segment fingers. Thermal links are designed for TO-5s, TO-8s and TO-18s with or without BeO washer and other hardware. Multiple fingers permit a smooth press-fit installation without a harmful snap-action effect. Transistor retention is maintained even under high vibration and shock loads. The sinks can be inserted and removed multiple times without loss of retention or damage to the finish over the entire JEDEC case diameter range. The heatsinks can be installed with a rivet or eyelet, soldered to a pc board pad or heatsink, or mounted with a single screw or with a threaded stud and hex nut. More details are available from INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONIC RESEARCH CORP., Burbank, CA. (818) 842-7277.


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