Electronic Design

High-Bandwidth Accessories Promote Durable Scope Probing

Agilent_0817-AAgilent's new semi-permanent solder-in probing accessories, the N2838A 25-GHz ZIF tips and N2836A 26-GHz solder-in heads, are designed for use in its InfiniiMax III oscilloscope probing system. Engineers can use these accessories for high-speed digital system design, component design/characterization and differential serial bus measurements. The 25-GHz ZIF tips come with plastic sporks to aid in soldering the tips to the device under test. The solder-in head is a semipermanent connection that provides up to 26 GHz of system bandwidth. The ZIF tips and solder-in heads come pre-attached with a pair of damping resistors for eliminating the distortion and loading that affect probes with in-band resonances. The differential active probes offer up to 30 GHz of high-bandwidth performance for measuring differential signals, with superior signal integrity and flexible connectivity for high-density integrated circuits and circuit boards. The N2836A solder-in head is now available for $1,200 and the N2838A ZIF tip set for $400.

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