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High-Capacity Memory Modules Support PC100 Specifications

Designed to provide high-capacity memory upgrades to support new server and workstation systems manufactured using the new PC-100 specifications, these 512-MB and 1024-MB PC-100 and JEDEC-compliant 168-pin SDRAM DIMMs meet high-end applications demands for distributed databases, enterprise resource planning, computer-aided design and manufacturing software, and more. With standard system motherboards capable of supporting these high densities expected to ship later this year, the firm has designed and developed the high capacity modules to meet the expected demand for enhanced application performance.The high-end modules are expected to boost the performance and maximize capacity of high-end servers and workstations that require multiple DIMMs to supply gigabytes of memory. The modules, available in a range of capacities and packages, are all PC-100 and JEDEC-compliant 168-pin registered DIMMs using 100-MHz SDRAMs.


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