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High-Channel-Count Digitizers Fit In Crate

With Model CC121, designers can configure high-speed digitizer systems having up to 80 channels in a single, standard 19" wide, 9U high, 21-slot instrumentation rack. Deploying a quad-channel digitizer module at 1-GHz bandwidth, the new crate can operate 80 channels at a 1-GS/s sampling rate, 40 channels at 2 GS/s, and 20 channels at 4 GS/s. Applications include data acquisition systems requiring a high number of channels in a small space, such as automated test and telecomm equipment. The CC121 crate is compatible with cPCI extension interfaces and embedded Pentium processor boards for modular plug-and-play use. CompactPCI-PCI bridge connections can be made via copper or fiber optic cable. Alternatively, stand-alone systems can be created with the installation of the company's PC502, a 1-GHz Pentium-based single-slot controller with a 20 GB hard disk, Ethernet and Windows-based operating system. The CC121 crate is priced at $9,990. ACQIRIS USA, Monroe, NY. (845) 782-6544.


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