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High-Conductivity, Low-Force EMI Gaskets Conform To Various Housings

The Gore-Shield GS8000 electromagnetic-interference (EMI) gaskets boast high conductivity at low compressive forces. Thanks to a low closure force, the gaskets suit flexible housing materials. Also, they can significantly reduce screw locations. Less than 3.4 N/cm of pressure (for a 1-mm trace) is required to compress the gaskets from a nominal starting thickness of 1 mm to a compressed thickness of 0.4 mm. At this point, dc resistance is less than 10 m‡ for a 19-mm2 donut, and shielding effectiveness is greater than 90 dB. The gaskets can accommodate a variation in the gap height of up to 0.2 mm while maintaining low dc resistance and high shielding effectiveness. Their high conformability accommodates molding tolerances and minimizes stress on the housing and pc board. The gaskets are constructed of a nickel-plated base polymer backed with a thin foil layer for dimensional stability. Installation is made easy with an electrically conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive. The devices, which are precision die-cut to fit application requirements, come on rolls suited for high-volume assembly. Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

W.L. Gore & Associates; (800) 445-4673

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