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High-Current Digital-I/O Board Can Take Heat

While sinking 24 mA of current, the HDIO 24L digital I/O boards operate comfortably at temperatures up to 158°F, making them suitable for I/O applications in industrial settings near furnaces and/or heat-treating facilities. The PCI boards provide two 8-bit and two 4-bit ports and are programmable by port. They come with both standard and low-profile backplates so they fit both chassis sizes. The boards emulate Mode 0 of standard 8255 PPI chips for convenient, conventional programming. Port C Pin 0 and Port C Pin 4 can also be used to provide interrupts to a PC. A simple jumper allows users to select what happens to port settings and output values when the system is reset “hot,” meaning that power is not turned off. Users can either retain the latest settings or return to a default setting. The PCI gold fingers are slotted for both 3.3-V and 5-V inputs. Available from stock, the HDIO 24L digital I/O boards start at $120 each. CYBERRESEARCH INC., Branford, CT. (800) 341-2525.


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