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High-Current Inductors Seek SMPS Apps

Designed for use in switch mode power supplies (SMPSs), the SPE-400 line of 20 low-cost, high-current inductors utilizes a ferrite core construction, where the coil is wound directly onto the core for increased cost savings. Measuring 0.765" x 0.435" x 0.340" in height, the inductors are mounted horizontally on the pc board to achieve a low above-board height.
Inductance values range from 0.9 µH at 13A dc to 1000 µH at 0.42A dc to cover a wide range of applications. The inductors are identified as either Option "O" (no option) parts, meaning they are plain inductors, or Option "E" devices, indicating they have a coated core for higher coil-to-core isolation voltage ratios. Prices start at $0.62 each/10,000.


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