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High-Density Interconnects Have 0.8-mm Centerline Contacts

The AMPMODU Micro Interconnect System, designed for cable-to-board, cable-to-cable, and board-to-board applications, features high-density 0.8-mm centerline contacts. Its low-profile design suits space-constrained applications. This dual-row connector is available in four through 40 positions. An "F" crimp for 28 AWG wire provides wire termination. Contacts terminated to 28 AWG wire are rated at 1 A. The board-mount connectors come in vertical and right-angle styles and feature surface-mount leads for IR reflow processing. Housings are SMT-compatible UL 94V-0 LCP. Connectors are rated for −40°C to 85°C. The board locks are tin-lead-plated brass, and the plug and receptacle contacts are gold-plated phosphor bronze. A 10-position vertical system costs about $0.159 per mated line. A right-angle version of the 10-position system costs about $0.184 per mated line.

Tyco Electronics
www.tycoelectronics.com; (800) 522-6752

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