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High-Density Socket Brings BGA Packaging To Mobile Processors

With the Micro PGA socket, users can achieve high-density ball-grid-array (BGA) packaging for the Intel Mobile Pentium 4 processor-M series. Available in 478 circuits, the socket can also be used with Mobile Celeron processors for applications like blade servers and thin notebook PCs. Its 3.30-mm height profile suits it for thin notebook PCs and servers. Based on a 1.27-mm grid array, it accepts a pc-board interposer that has the processor package mounted to it. The socket's BGA solder balls are self-centering, helping to prevent bent leads that can occur with standard surface-mount tails. Rated at 0.5 A and 100 V, the socket's dual-beam chambered contact design delivers low insertion force and reliable electrical performance. Its LCP housing and cover can withstand high-temperature soldering environments. Gold-plated terminals provide smooth engagement and secure electrical contact. The socket can be ordered in tray or tape-and-reel packaging, with a vacuum cover for automated placement. Purchased in 25,000-unit quantities, the Micro PGA socket costs $10.40 each. Typical lead time is six to eight weeks.

Molex Inc.
www.molex.com; (630) 969-4550

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