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High-Fidelity Digital Sound Card Is Windows WAVE-Compatible

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Totally self-contained on a 4.1" x 5.6" pc board, the DM3010A QuikWave digital sound board can play back up to 32 sound segments stored in on-board EPROM. Sound files can be created using any digital audio authoring system, as long as they are in the .wav format. Eight-bit and 16-bit monophonic PCM sampling is supported at 11 kHz, 22.05 kHz and 44.1 kHz. The board is said to provide the cleanest sound possible--sound files are used directly for programming without going through any extra digitization steps.Sound playback is activated by either dry contact closures (pushbuttons or relays) or logic pulses from a microcontroller. The board’s built-in power amplifier can deliver 5W output directly to a speaker, or a line-level output can be obtained to drive an external power amp.

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