Wireless Systems Design

High-Gain Amplifier Spans 3.3 To 3.8 GHz

The race to WiMAX is on and it can be seen in many parts of the industry. For instance, Hittite Microwave Corp. just came out with a high-efficiency GaAs InGaP HBT MMIC power amplifier. Although the HMC409LP4 is suited for 802.16d/e WiMAX applications, the amplifier also is useful in other broadband fixed wireless applications in that frequency range. It operates between 3.3 and 3.8 GHz.

Using a minimum of external components, the amplifier provides 31 dB of gain and +32.5 dBm of saturated power from a single +5-V supply. The power control (Vpd) can be used for full power-down or RF output power/current control. The HMC409LP4 combines high gain and linearity to help WiMAX OEMs meet 802.16d/e requirements.

The amplifier is packaged in a low-cost, leadless 4-×-4-mm QFN SMT package. Samples and evaluation pc boards are available from stock and can be ordered online. For information on pricing, please contact the company.

Hittite Microwave Corp.
20 Alpha Rd., Chelmsford, MA 01824; (978) 250-3343, FAX: (978) 250-3373, www.hittite.com.

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