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Wireless Systems Design

High-Linearity Power Amps Target 3G Infrastructure

The AP601, AP602, and AP603 power amplifiers were developed on WJ Communications' proprietary 28-V InGaP HBT (GaAs) process in order to ensure high performance and outstanding linearity across the 800-2200-MHz range. With their high efficiency, the new amplifiers allow basestation designers to reduce power consumption without sacrificing performance. The AP60x family is well suited for the demanding requirements of 3G applications, serving in the 1-W to 10-W driver stage that has long been neglected, according to the company.

At 2140 MHz, the AP601 delivers a power gain of 13.5 dB; the AP602, 13 dB; and the AP603, 12 dB. The 1-dB compression point is 32.5 dBm for the AP601, 36 dBm for the AP602, and 38 dBm for the AP603. Linearity is -50 dBc, which improves rapidly as power is backed off. Additional significant features include integrated active bias circuitry, which compensates for variations in linearity and current draw over temperature changes. This enhances the ICs' linearity. Also, adjustable quiescent bias allows designers to configure the AP60x amplifiers for better linearity, higher efficiency, or a combination of the two. This capability creates a more flexible design.

The amplifiers are RoHS compliant and come in a 5- by 6-mm 14-lead DFN package that allow the use of standard surface-mount technology. Their 50-Ω input and output traces simplify pc-board layout. The AP60x series is sampling now and will be in full production beginning Nov. 9. Contact the company for pricing. For more information, go to

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