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High-Output Switching Supply Powers DC Servomotors

The ISP300-4 is a 75 vdc, switching power supply that delivers 6A of continuous current to power up to three of the firm’s IM4834 microstepping drivers. The supply is part of a series developed specifically to provide high power to dc servomotors and other inductive loads, such as stepping motors. With built-in short-circuit protection and over-temperature and over-voltage protection, the supply absorbs and modulates inductive current surges and rapid changes in power for a more even output and increased performance.Conventional switchers, which are typically designed to power constant loads found on pc boards, are reportedly not tolerant of the current surges produced by rapid changes in power demand and the inductance in coils and motor windings. The ISP300-4 delivers a smooth 300W of output. Users may choose a line voltage input of either 120 or 240 vac, 50/60 Hz.

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