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High-Performance COTS SBC Has Pair Of 1553B Channels And PMC Mezzanines

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Suitable for use in applications ranging from highly demanding real-time land vehicle and industrial control systems and heads-up graphic displays to mission-critical avionics subsystems, the PPC G4 COTS single-board computer (SBC) is equipped with two independent, dual-redundant 1553B channels (with BC/RT/M modes) and two 64-bit/66-MHz PMC mezzanines. For systems with legacy 1553B interfaces, the boardÕs 1553B ports, coupled with the two PMC sites, allow simultaneous system-specific I/O or high-speed serial data transfer buses to be implemented on-board, eliminating the need for additional system processor and I/O modules. Powered by MotorolaÕs 7400/7410 PowerPC microprocessor with AltiVec or MPC 755 PowerPC processor, the conduction-cooled SBC comes equipped 64 to 256 MB of SDRAM with error detection and correction (EDC), 64 MB of 64-bit wide flash (programs can run directly from flash), and 1 to 2 MB of L2 cache. Other on-board resources include two asynchronous RS-232 and two sync/async RS-422 serial ports, an 8-bit discrete parallel port, a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet interface, a high-speed interrupt controller, three 16-bit cascadable timer/counters, a watchdog timer, real-time clock, and power-up and initiated built-in test (BIT) capability. VME64x-compatible five-row DIN connectors on P1 and P2 and a P0 connector enable all I/Os to be transferred through the backplane. Price of PPC G4 development boards starts at $9,550. For more details, contact Doug Patterson at VISTA CONTROLS, Santa Clarita, CA. (661) 257-4430, ext. 137.

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