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High-Side MOSFET Switches' Current Limiting Is Adjustable

Accurate, adjustable current limiting is offered by the MIC2545 and MIC2549, a pair of fully protected high-side MOSFET switches. Both are designed for applications in USB and Advanced Configuration and Power Interface designs as well as board hot swapping.The MIC2545 integrates a 35-milliohm switch that offers full protection to any system or load. In addition to current limiting, the device is fully protected against short circuits that occur as a result of thermal shutdowns. Fault reporting is provided by means of an open-collector Flag output. Detectable faults include thermal shutdown, current limiting and undervoltage lockout.The companion MIC2549 provides the same features but adds a circuit-breaker function. Whenever the device enters thermal shutdown, the output is latched OFF until the controller resets it. This feature prevents thermal oscillation and is especially useful in applications where the system may be in sleep mode.


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