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High-Speed Dynamic Digital I/O Card Fits PCI Systems

Designed to plug into any PCI-based system, the GC5050 is a high-speed dynamic digital I/O card with a built-in algorithmic sequencer. Based on the company's GT50-DIO, the new card reportedly provides all the features of high-speed dynamic digital testers normally found in large functional test systems. Features include: 32-bit bidirectional pins; 3 to 12 MB on-board memory; programmable clock rates from 750 Hz to 50 MHz; multiple I/O options, such as TTL, PECL, LVDS and programmable levels; algorithmic sequencer with jump, loop, pause, and UUT synchronization commands; and PCI-bus architecture for fast loading and readback of test vectors. Applications include ATE, vector capture and memory test. The GC5050 may also be combined with other PC instruments to form a mixed-signal test system. Pricing starts at under $7,400. GEOTEST-MARVIN TEST SYSTEMS INC., Irvine, CA. (888) 837-8297.

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