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High-Speed GZIP Data-Compression Board Processes 10 Gbits/s

The AHA367-PCIe GZIP data-compression board supports data throughput of over 10 Gbits/s. With the AHA367, network-transmission and network-storage appliances have significantly less data transferred through or stored within their systems. Along with reducing latency, bandwidth, and storage requirements, it also eases the loading of resources inside of these appliances by off-loading the data compression task from the core CPUs. The system is based on Comtech’s AHA3610 GZIP compression and decompression IC, which offers up to 2.5 Gbits/s throughput and produces significant power saving over GZIP software compression. Based on the open standard GZIP data compression algorithm, the AHA367-PCIe card supports full-duplex streaming of over 10 Gbits/s uncompressed data using an industry standard X8 lane PCI-Express Interface. The system achieves GZIP compression ratios at an average of three to one. Prototypes of the AHA367-PCIe are available to beta customers now, while production quantities will be available in the third quarter of 2009. COMTECH AHA CORP., Melville, NY. (208) 892-5600.


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