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High-Speed JTAG Controller Links To PCs Via USB

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The JT 3710/USB DataBlaster is claimed to be the world’s first USB-powered JTAG controller. The compact instrument supports both test and in-system programming applications and is suited for portable and desktop uses. It links to PCs or workstations by means of a USB interface. To accommodate the high data rates and lengthy vectors required by today’s JTAG applications, such as flash-memory ISP, the instrument uses the firm’s boundary-scan architecture that includes a proprietary chipset for real-time data decompression and high-speed test-access-port (TAP) drivers. An AutoWrite feature is said to dramatically improve JTAG-based flash ISP performance. In addition, high capacity memory is incorporated for local ISP data storage.Two variants are available: one that allows TAP signals to be accessed by means of four 20-pin connectors on the unit’s front panel; and another for applications that require remote access to target boards with a USB module connected to a four-port active pod by a cable of up to 4 meters long.

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