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High-Speed Serial Data Connector Exceeds 1 Gb/s

Using fibre channel technology, the HSSDC Series high-speed serial data connector provides high-speed data transfers in high performance, mass storage applications. The connector is a shielded cable mount connector transmitting 1 bit at a time, exceeding 1 Gb/s and providing increased bandwidth over long distances. The company's ferrule and fully shielded enclosure provides EMI protection. The connector is available in two sizes of ferrule to accommodate 22 to 30 AWG cable. The interconnect has a unique pcb design with eight SMT contacts on the topside of the board and the four solder pads on the underside of the board. Also offered are Fibre Channel cable assemblies with copper-based cables. These assemblies are available using the 8-pin HSSDC connector or the 9-pin FCP D-sub plugs, or a combination of the two connectors. CIRCUIT ASSEMBLY CORP., Irvine, CA. (949) 855-7887.

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