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High Torque Steppers Include Electronics

The MDrive product line is said to incorporate innovative motor technology that combines high-torque stepping motors with onboard electronics. The line is available in four sizes: MDrive14, MDrive17, MDrive23 and MDrive34, each available in numerous configurations. The smallest in the lot, the MDrive14, pairs a NEMA size 14 stepping motor with a half/full step drive. The largest member, the MDrive34, incorporates a NEMA size 34 high-torque stepping motor with a 24V to 75V microstepping drive. This model is also available in a motion-control version, which includes a motion controller. The MDrive17 with NEMA17 motor and the MDrive23 with NEMA23 motor are both offered with microstepping drive, speed control, and motion control with programmable indexer. Options for each motor in the line include linear actuators, encoders, planetary gearboxes, and a rear control knob for manual positioning. INTELLIGENT MOTION SYSTEMS INC., Marlborough, CT. (860) 295-6102.


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