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High Voltage Drivers Reduce PCB Area

Consisting of five members, the IR22xxx family of 1.2 kV IGBT gate drivers rely on the company’s HVIC technology, which promises to shrink board area up to 50% when compared to optocoupler- or transformer-based designs. The IR22381 is an analog, 3-phase driver with a dead time of 0.5 µs. A de-saturation feature provides for all modes of over-current protection, including ground fault, shoot-through, and short-to-supply-rail protection. The IR2277 and IR22771 are single-phase, current-sense interface ICs with synchronous sampling. Both feature a maximum throughput of 40 ksamples/s, maximum delay of less than 7.5 μs at 20 kHz, and a bi-directional, level-shifting circuit for avoiding false common-mode dV/dt noise up to 50 V/ns. The IR2277 provides both analog and PWM outputs, while the IR22771 provides a PWM output. For driving single half-bridge circuits and three-phase 380-Vac circuits up to 50A at 80°C, the IR2214 and IR22141 exhibit a low quiescent current on the high side and provide fault feedback on IGBT de-saturation, and de-saturation detection on both sides. The IR2214 integrates a biasing resistor. Both devices can operate together via a dedicated pin to protect the drive system from phase-to-phase short circuits. Additionally, each member of the family is available in a 600V version. Prices for the 1.2-kV drivers range from $4.50 to $12.05 each/10,000. For more information, contact Wayne Yoshida at INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER, El Segundo, CA. (310) 252-7726


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