Electronic Design

High-Voltage MOSFET Drivers Target Portable Power Applications

The Endura ISL6206 and ISL6207 high-voltage MOSFET drivers are designed to drive both upper and lower MOSFETs in a synchronous-buck dc-dc converter. Switching speeds up to 2 MHz enable smaller filter components. For application flexibility, the parts operate over the −5- to 36-V phase voltage range. Patented three-state pulse-width modulation (PWM) inputs prevent negative transients on the output voltage during shut-down. The ISL6206 and ISL6207 sink 1.1 A and 4 A on the lower MOSFET, respectively. The ISL6207 has an enable pin to reduce power consumption. The ICs simplify designs, save board space, and reduce costs by integrating components and logic circuits on-chip. Both are compatible with a variety of CPU core power controllers. The parts come in a small eight-lead SOIC package and operate from a 5-V supply. In 1000-unit quantities, the ISL6206 and ISL6207 cost $0.98 and $1.00 each, respectively.

Intersil Corp.
www.intersil.com; (949) 341-7000

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