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High-Voltage Rectifier Reduces Footprint In Power-Supply Applications

The high-voltage SBR10U200P5 Super Barrier Rectifier (SBR) from Diodes Inc. improves compact power-supply functionality and performance in notebook power adapters, universal chargers, telecom power supplies, and similar products, the company says. It comes in a compact, thermally efficient, proprietary PowerDI5 package that enables it to serve as an output diode in power-supply output stages, a catch diode in buck regulator circuits, a freewheeling diode in motor drive circuits, and a boost diode.

According to Diodes Inc., the SBR10U200P5 is the smallest leaded, 200-V rated, 10-A rectifier available. The PowerDI5’s thermal resistance enables it to deliver twice the power density of Schottky diode Dpak solutions from a printed-circuit board (PCB) that’s 40% smaller. The low-profile 1.1-mm off-board package height is half that of Dpak as well. The rectifier also delivers a low-forward voltage drop of 0.7 V at 10-A rated current at a junction temperature of 125°C.

With a maximum rated junction temperature of 175°C and an avalanche rating several times greater than Schottky diode Dpak solutions, the SBR10U200P5 enables the removal of power-supply outputs, simplifying designs and reducing end product costs. Available now from authorized distributors, it costs $0.64 in quantities of 10,000 units. Delivery is four to six weeks in production volumes.

Diodes Inc.


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