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High-Voltage Switcher Anchors DC-DC Converters

The growing need for reliable, distributed power in communications equipment is addressed by the TOP412/414 family of high-voltage, integrated switchers for dc-dc converters. The device integrates a PWM controller and high-voltage MOSFET on a monolithic die. As few as 15 external components are required to build a 10W, 5V isolated flyback converter that achieves over 80% efficiency. Total board space is just 19.2 square centimeters.The internal high-voltage MOSFET easily handles input voltages up to 90 vdc without need for protection circuitry. The TOP412/414 also incorporates cycle-by-cycle current limiting and thermal shutdown, which furthers lowers component counts. The TOP414 can deliver 12W of output power from a 48 vdc input. A design accelerator kit (DAK-5) is available with a reference design board, samples and full documentation.


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