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High-Voltage Switcher ICs Get New Housing

Optional housing in the form of the TO-262 low-profile, through-hole package is now available for the company's TOPSwitch-GX line of switched-mode power supply ICs. Ranging in power up to 290W, the devices are targeted for assembly in existing applications, such as universal power adapters, video game consoles, LCD monitors, and other power supply designs that require heatsinks but, due to design restrictions, have limited space available above the pc board. For example, the TO-262 switcher chips can be used where height restrictions prevent use of TO-220 packages. Price of a TOP242F, a 22W TOPSwitch-GX in a TO-262 package, is $1.55 each/1,000; a 290W TOP250F costs $3.29. For more information, contact Steve Miceli at POWER INTEGRATIONS INC., San Jose, CA. (408) 414-8821.


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