Wireless Systems Design

Highly Integrated Chip Handles Both USB Host, Device Applications

Based on the WiMedia and Certified Wireless USB standards, the WSR601 single-die, digital CMOS chip integrates Ultra Wideband (UWB) PHY (including rf), MAC, and Wireless USB subsystems for both host and device wireless USB applications. The chip, from Wisair, supports HWA, DWA, and Native device protocols, and features SDIO and USB interfaces, isochronous data transfer, and cable and numeric association models. The onboard PHY capabilities deliver full-room coverage with connectivity ranges of 8 m at 480 Mbits/s and over 20 m at 200 Mbit/s. For mobile devices, where battery life is important, the WSR601 provides power-save modes and an average power consumption of 385 mW at 100 Mbits/s throughput.

A two-wire coexistence scheme allows the WSR601 to operate in close proximity to other radios such as Bluetooth and 802.11 systems. The chip’s low out-of-band emission, below -70 dBm/MHz, provides the flexibility to support Japanese regulatory requirements without the need for a dedicated external filter. Additionally, integrated detect-and-avoid technology enables the WSR601 to coexist with other wireless technologies sharing the same spectrum, such as WiMAX. The WSR601 is shipping now in sample quantities, and volume production is scheduled for Q4.

For additional information, go to www.wisair.com .

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