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Highly-Integrated STD Bus SBC Withstands Harsh Environments

The third in a series of new high-integration STD Bus single-board computers (SBCs), the LPM-TX is a high-performance, industrial-grade board based on the Intel Tillamook Pentium processor. The board is targeted at embedded applications, including medical, transportation, test and measurement, telecomm, and machine control equipment. Operating at a system clock speed of 166 MHz, the LPM-TX includes 16 KB of code and 16 KB of data cache and is populated with either 32 or 64 MB of SMT SDRAM soldered directly to the board to improve reliability for applications subject to shock and vibration. The board, which employs the Intel 430TX PCI chipset, has seven DMA controllers, three 16-bit counter/timers, two interrupt controllers, and the usual range of AT peripheral ports. Measuring 4.5" x 7.0", the board also includes a PC/104-Plus connector and a 32-pin socket that supports up to a 288 MB of flash memory. The SBC draws only 1.5A at 5V and has a standard operating temperature range of Ð40¡C to 85¡C. Price is $995 with 32 MB of SDRAM. For more details, call WINSYSTEMS INC., Arlington, TX. (817) 274-7553.

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