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HMI Panels Web-Enable Connected Devices

A new operator panel features up to five communication ports, next generation software and a built-in gateway to web-enable virtually any device. The G3 HMI panel delivers remote access, monitoring and virtual operation, either via a company LAN or the Internet, facilitating real-time operational access and data logging from a remote PC. All G3 HMIs have an integrated gateway that converts any attached device’s serial protocol to on-board 10 Base T/100 Base-TX Ethernet. A built-in USB port provides data exchange with a connected PC, and data storage is by way of CompactFlash support. One RS422/485 port and two RS232 ports are standard, and each port is operable at up to 115,200 baud. An additional RS232 and RS422/485 port is available via an optional card, enabling up to five comms ports total per G3 HMI. Three G3 HMI models have been developed, and two of those are touchscreens. The G303 has a 3.2" graphic LCD, a 32-key membrane keypad, backlit display, three user-programmable LEDs, and 4MB of on-board Flash memory. This model measures 5.85" x 7.45" x 2.1". The 8" G308 and 10" G310 HMIs are resistive analog touchscreen terminals with 256-color VGA displays, integrated programmable membrane keypads, and 8 MB of on-board Flash memory. The G308 measures 8.18" x 10.32" x 2.2" and includes seven programmable keys, while the G310 measures 9.50" x 12.83" x 2.2", with eight programmable keys. A sunlight visible outdoor display is available for the G310 model. Pricing starts at $599. RED LION CONTROLS INC., York, PA. (717) 767-6511.


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