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Hollow-Shaft Encoder Breaks Size Barrier

Assuming the position as the smallest absolute, multi-turn hollow-shaft encoder on the market, the Model 5882 accommodates shafts up to 12 mm in diameter and measures 40.5 mm deep with a housing diameter of 58 mm. As opposed to mechanical gearing, the encoder employs touch-less electronic gearing with low-resistance circuitry and pulsed read-in and read-out capabilities.The design includes a multi-layer pc board with a LED integrated with a uniquely configured optical ASIC. Other features include an output code with a 25-bit resolution, reset capability, resistance to shock up to 250g/6 ms, and an IP65 rating. A PC-based programming tool, Ezturn, is available that allows users to stock only one type of encoder and individually program it for specific applications. GLOBAL INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS INC., Chicago, IL. (800) 951-8774.


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